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Welcome! I am Rachel Veilleux (pronounced Vay-you), a special educator here at Parker Middle School, and I would like to welcome you to my website and our school.  I have been teaching in Howell since 1999 and I am a Howell High school graduate.  I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education (K-8 all subjects) and Special Education (K-12) with an endorsement in Hearing Impairment, and earned my Master's Degree in Learning Disabilities, both from EMU.  I continue to take classes that are pertinent to the needs of the students.  I co-teach  in math and science with other teachers throughout the day, and support all students in those classrooms; not just those receiving special education services.

Academic success does not come easily for students with difficulties whether it is an emotional, neurological or physical deficit.  Helping students overcome their difficulties so that they may reach their individual maximum potentials, is quite rewarding to me.  As a special educator, I bring the tools to a general education classroom that enable many students to grasp concepts which would otherwise be out of their reach.  I can bring the tools, but it is up to the students to put in the effort and utilize the support I offer.   The key factors to success are effort and determination, whether it is academic, social or recreational.  Without effort on the part of the student (and  often parents as well), and determination to be successful and grow as a learner, the effect of my support is minimal. My goal is to help children thrive by providing the support for improving the skills and mindset they need to succeed in the world. Communication between school and home is crucial to helping students experience success at school.  I hope that you will feel comfortable enough to contact me, either through e-mail or by phone, if you have anything that needs discussion; whether it is declining grades, emotional turmoil, or upcoming absences.  My phone number is 552-4600 (extension 87470).  My e-mail is  and it's the most effective way to contact me.  Since I co-teach most of the day in other classrooms, I only have the opportunity to regularly check email and messages before school, during my prep (12:21-1:14) and after school.  However, I can sometimes do so during class, depending on the activity.  I am almost always here by 6:00 am and stay at least until 4 or 5:00 (usually much longer).  If I miss your call or message, I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I am determined to help make this the most successful year yet, for every student I see.

Yours in Education,
Rachel Veilleux

Mission Statement:  Howell Public Schools is an exemplary learning community committed to maximizing every student's success.