My Resources

All subject area resources are in subject area folders on the left and separated by quarter.  Please be sure to check them regularly, as I add new information as it becomes relevant.


Below is a list of other resources that are available to help students be successful.

Be sure to check my blog for daily assignments.

Planners-  Planners are great tools, not only for middle and high school students, but for anyone.  Planners help keep track of assignments, tests and homework, as well as upcoming events or appointments.  Using a planner is one of the best habits a child can develop.  If a student at Parker Middle School has used a planner correctly, each classroom's assignment and homework will have been written in the appropriate section.  At the end of the day the planner should be reviewed to make sure all needed homework is going into the backpack.  Upon arrival at home, the planner should be utilized to help remember what needs to be done.  Checking off each assignment as it is finished, is a good habit to get into.

Powerschool website- This website is accessible through the link located in the related links section below.  You can access grades, assignment information and attendance history and even lunch purchases!  You can sign up for e-mail alerts when there are missing assignments or low grades.  Students and parents should use separate logins. Parent logins have a -1 after the login.  It's a way for us to track whether it's the student or parent checking grades.  Ultimately, we'd like the responsibility to be the student's.

Teacher websites- Most teachers use the school website to post their daily assignments and homework.  This is a great tool if the planner was not utilized the way it should be. These can be found by going to the Parker Middle School homepage and clicking on our staff. 

Document resources- Many of the resources that I provide for students will be useful to them for more that just sixth or seventh grade.  You can access them by clicking on the appropriate sub-page on the left side of this page.  I will be adding documents throughout the year to support most academic areas.

Educational websites- I have also collected quite a long list of websites that I visit often or have visited and like.  Some of them are geared toward academic support, while some are geared toward advocacy for special education