Drop Off & Pick Up

Many parents choose to drive their children to school. While we welcome your decision to do so there are some guidelines we'd like you to be aware of. Know that the primary reason for these guidelines is to ensure the safety of all students and staff during pickup and drop off times.

Standard Drop Off & Pick Up
Classes begin promptly at 7:36 am. It is best to get your child to school 10 minutes before to allow time to go to lockers before class. Classes end at 2:15 pm.

Please drop off and pickup on the north side of campus, off Wright Rd. Please be sure to pull around past the apex of the curved sidewalk to allow for as many students to leave or enter vehicles as possible. See attached picture.Drop off and pick up picture.

Drop Off After School Begin/Pick Up before School Ends
Dropping students off after 7:30 am? If your student is entering the school after 7:30, please enter at the front of Parker by the flag pole. You will need to accompany your student to sign them in late. You will need to be buzzed into the building. You will do the same if collecting your student before the end of the school day.

Late Pickup/After School Activities
If you are picking up your student after 2:30, please go to the front by the flag pole. If your student is staying after school with a teacher or participating in an activity in the main building you will pick up out front.

Please do NOT drop students off in the back of Parker as lighting is not optimal and there is no supervision in this area.

Field House Activities
For athletic events and dances held in the field house, parents may use the circular curb on the north side of campus.