Parker Yearbook

Click here to order a Parker Yearbook.
- School Code is 12177219
(Copy this number now to paste after you click the link.)

Please pre-order your yearbook at orientation. Pre-order forms are due September 29th, 2018. After September 29th, you can order online using the link above. Online ordering closes late April 2019. Don't wait to order, it cost less and you don't run the risk that we will run out of books.

I wrote a check for the yearbook and it hasn't cleared yet? We will hold onto the order forms until after the deadline on September 29th. LifeTouch will pick the orders up and process them sometime in October. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm pretty sure I ordered a yearbook already but LifeTouch keeps sending me emails telling me to buy the yearbook?
The LifeTouch marketing team doesn't track who has ordered and who hasn't. If you are sure you ordered a yearbook you can disregard emails.

I don't remember if I ordered a yearbook or not?
 As the order deadline approaches, we will print a big list of students that have ordered their yearbook. That list will be on the media center window. If you name is on that list you are getting a yearbook. You are also welcome to fill out the contact link below.

When do we get the yearbooks?
 The PRE-ORDERED yearbooks are given to Patriot Time teachers to hand out to their classes. Distribution day usually 3 days before the end of the year. There will be a limited number of books available for sale a lunch on distribution day. These books will cost $25. We will hold books for each grade on the first day then it is first come first serve after school and the next day until we are sold out.

Mr. Eldred is managing the Parker Yearbook this year, you can submit orders and questions to him. Please use this contact form for questions.