Men of Courage

Jim Abbott (Baseball)jim abbott

Jim Abbott Makes His Best Pitch Ever (CBS News)

Audio: NPR Interview: Single-Handedly Pitching 'An Improbable Life'

Buck Brannaman (Horseman)

Helping Horses with People Problems, interview

ABC News piece on Brannaman

An American Cowboy

Brannaman's website:

Interview with CNN

Movie trailer for the film, "Buck"

Dave Dravecky (Baseball)

Scott Hamilton (Figure Skater)

Ben Hogan (Golfer)

Mario Lemieux (Hockey) Hockey

Casey Martin (Golfer)

Rohan Murphy (Wrestler)

The Amputee Wrestler: Rohan Murphy Can Take You Down

VIDEO: Nike Commercial

Dan O'Brien (decathalete)

Hakeem Olajuwon (Basketball player) 1

Michael Phelps (Olympic swimmer)

Psychology Today

NY Times article

Jackie Robinson (Baseball)


Jackie Robinson (Scholastic Action)
Video: Black History: Jackie Robinson Changes the Face of America

Mike Utley (Football) 1

PRO FOOTBALL; 7 Years After Injury, Utley's Steps Are Big (NYTimes)

Where are They Now: Mike Utley (seattlepi)

Kenny Walker (Football)

Erik Weihenmayer (Mountain climber)2

Louis Zemperini (Olympic runner, Japanese POW survivor)

Unbroken, movie trailer

Keynote speakers series featuring Mr. Zemperini

L.A. Times article