A promotional image for Howell Public Schools. On the left side, the text reads: 'Future Ready for Careers. For College. For Life. Enroll Now.' Below is the Howell Public Schools logo and the website HowellSchools.com/Enroll. On the right side, there is a photo of students sitting at a table in a classroom, engaged in a group activity with tablets and educational materials.An image of students creating a bridge with household materials like toothpicks and marshmallows.An image of a student assembly.Spread world inclusion bulletin boardInspire Integrity Choir

Spread world inclusion bulletin board

Inspire Integrity Parker Middle School Choir

Welcome to Parker Middle School

Mission Statement
Through powerful learning opportunities, meaningful connections, positive relationships, and the development of character traits, students will strive to take ownership of becoming their best selves and encourage the personal growth of others.

Vision Statement
Parker Middle School is an exemplary learning community dedicated to empowering students to become productive global citizens and responsible leaders.


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What's Happening

Professional headshot of Amy Nicholas, a smiling woman with shoulder-length curly light brown hair, wearing a white blouse in front of a white brick wall.
Amy Nicholas Honored as Social Worker of the Year by NASW-Michigan
Posted on 04/22/2024
Amy has spent her career supporting students in preschool through high school within Howell Public Schools. ...