Welcome to Parker Middle School

Mission Statement
Through powerful learning opportunities, meaningful connections, positive relationships, and the development of character traits, students will strive to take ownership of becoming their best selves and encourage the personal growth of others.

Vision Statement
Parker Middle School is an exemplary learning community dedicated to empowering students to become productive global citizens and responsible leaders.

What's New

The 7th grade Leadworthy Leadership Class has started a fundraiser which will donate all funds raised and items collected, to the Howell Humane Society.  The students are competing in a penny drive during school at lunch.  Penny's are positive cash and all other coins/dollars are negative cash.  However, we need your help.  If you could click on the donation link and make a monetary donation, it would be greatly appreciated.  Our fundraising and donation efforts will conclude Friday, March 5th. We are also collecting items which are listed below:

Black Kongs
Quart size Ziplock bags
Pill pockets
Wet cat food
Cat and Dog treats
Durable cat toys
Fleece material

Penny Drive!

Attention Parker Students! 

Your very own 7th grade Leadworthy Class is planning a fundraiser to raise money for our local Humane Society.  Starting, Monday, February 22nd. we will have a penny drive during each lunch.  The goal is to be the grade with the highest positive cash amount.  Pennies count for positive cash value and silver coins (nickels, dimes, quarters) count as negative cash.  For example:  If you add 25 pennies to your grades collecting jug, you have 25 cents positive cash.  However, if another grade sabotages your grades jug by adding a quarter, you have NO cash value in your collecting jug.  (because remember silver coin value cancels out pennies value) The penny drive will be thru this Friday!  The winning grade will receive a price!  Good luck Patriots!

Parker Donation Site for Howell Humane Society