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Discovering the Sun
space weather

The Sun
Sun Like a Star
Solar & Lunar Eclipses
Solar Interior
Sun spots and flares
How old is the sun?
Ask an astrophysicist

Global Warming Lab Link - description
Greenhouse PhET Simulation
ESU 501
Exploring Your Ecological Footprint
Footpring part 2
Greenhouse simulation

Venus Link - description
Transit of Venus
  Roller Coaster Websites Link - description
Roller Coaster Reading
A reading that has background information about roller coasters and a simulation.
Roller coaster Simulation
This site takes a while to load but is worth it! Simulation to see how loops, hills and different slopes can affect the motion of your coaster.
Simulation that checks for safety
Simulation that allows you to change the design of a coaster and test it for safety and fun.
Roller Coaster Game
Game/simulation that lets you advance to higher levels of play.  
Cells Link - description
Cell video
Introduction to Genetics

Space Link - description
wringing a washcloth in space
Introduction to the solar system

Learning Style Survey Link - description
Learning Styles
A site that helps you to determine your learning style.  
Plate Tectonics Research Link - description
Evidence 1
Evidence 2
Evidence 3
Evidence 4
Evidence 5
Time line of evidence
Earth's floor
Video on plate tectonics

Build an Atom Link - description
Build an Atom website
Interactive Periodic Table
Interactive Periodic Table

States of Matter Link - description
States of matter
States of matter simulation with pressure changes
Simulation of solids, liquids, & gases